Lauren Carter “Strategy of Tragedy”
This is the music video for “Strategy of Tragedy,” which is a song written and performed by actress/singer Lauren Carter.
Director/Photographer/Editor: Lawrence Montemayor
Camera Assistants: Nancy Piraquive, Tatiana Krokar, Hema Balasundarum
Still Photography: Ming Lai
Beginning of an Affair
A love triangle becomes the backdrop for a meditation on existential angst. This feature drama is shot in beautiful black and white ilford film.
Producer/Director/Writer: Wayde Nishimura
Cinematographer: Lawrence Montemayor
Sound: Vince Tocce
Editors: Asako Ushio, Wayde Nishimura
Camera Assistant: Sulgi Kim
Actors: Rey Reyes, Poppy Nguyen, Michael David Cheng
we could tell
The rock and soul band, Mother Hips, are the subject of this documentary feature. It includes extensive concert footage of the band performing at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.
Producer: PackBlackFilms    
Director: Pack Murphree
Camera Operators (San Francisco concert footage):
Lawrence Montemayor, Rick Foster, Daniel Kozman, Pack Murphree
Camera Assistant: Sulgi Kim
Saint Andre is a four piece art-rock band based in San Francisco.  This short EPK attempts to mirror in video form the experimental and creative sound of the band.
Director/Photographer/Editor: Lawrence Montemayor
Saint Andre: Cory Peipon, John Davis, Jamie Peterson, Daniel Saint Andre.
Adeline records is an independent record label based in Berkeley, CA. It was started by Billie Joe Armstrong of the rock group Green Day and his friends.
Director/Photographer/Editor: Lawrence Montemayor
A woman faces her subconscious hopes and fears in this waking dream.
Director/Photographer/Editor: Lawrence Montemayor
Music: Rebecca Martin
Camera Assistants: Steven Vascik, Mike Cha
Actors: Melyssa Peters, Ariane Putnam, Rosanne Ma, Jeffrey Flowers
Hawaii International Film Festival
Dallas International Film Festival
Chicago Asian-American Showcase
Salt Lake Asian Pacific Film Festival
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2005 Noise Pop Film Festival
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Directed by Matt Robinson
Cinematography by Lawrence Montemayor
Cast: Johnny Kramer
Status: Post-Production
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